In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, success is determined not only by one’s skills and knowledge but also by their ability to cultivate strong relationships within the industry. Business relationships play an essential role in driving both personal and organizational success.

A strong business relationship is built on trust. 

Trust between partners allows for more open communication, leading to better collaboration and decision-making processes. This trust enables companies to work effectively together on projects and reach their goals faster, resulting in higher overall performance. We Believe in Networking and Collaboration, establishing meaningful connections with other professionals in your industry fosters collaboration opportunities that might not have been possible otherwise. Networking allows you to access resources and knowledge from your business community, leading to innovative solutions and ideas for growth. A well-connected network can be the key difference between a stagnant organization and one that experiences continuous progress.

Ofiso Community Foundation is an organization of Businesses Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3), dedicated to empower businesses through relationships and fostering effective development of innovative, inclusive, and diverse educational solutions. We are deeply committed to making a lasting impact by addressing pressing guidance for small businesses issues.

Our dedicated Board of Advisors and volunteers work tirelessly to develop sustainable initiatives that create long-lasting positive change, nurturing cross-cultural understanding and focusing on shared success, we can break down traditional boundaries in education, empowering individuals to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

As a potential Business Investment, your generous support will amplify our efforts in creating a local business resource platform that offers valuable guidance for small businesses, strengthening the economic backbone of our community, and through the collaborative spirit of these programs and services, we are not only fostering innovation but also paving the way for a more inclusive society that champions diversity as an essential ingredient to success. 

By partnering with Ofiso Community Foundation, you will not only contribute to empower and educate the the businesses through relationships, but you’ll also be aligning your brand with shared values of integrity, which ensures honest and ethical dealings with clients and partners; transparency, which fosters trust and open communication; professionalism, as it demonstrates competence and reliability; innovation, by encouraging businesses to adapt and stay ahead of market trends; and social responsibility, by considering the wider community’s interests.

Our Mission

"To empower businesses through relationships by fostering effective development of innovative, inclusive, and diverse educational solutions".

Our Vision

To be the premiere local business resource that offer valuable guidance for small businesses.





Our Advisory Board

Sheryl Turner

Sheryl Turner

Friends of the Miracle Mile

Joseph  Moose

Joseph Moose

Sunland Global

Evan James

Evan James

California State Lottery

Romain Salamanca

Romain Salamanca

Zuiterion LATAM

Danny Chen

Danny Chen

First American ERC

Luis Pages

Luis Pages

The California - Pasadena