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In today's ever-changing and competitive business landscape, fostering strong relationships is essential to achieving growth and success. Effective collaborations and partnerships can drive innovation, inclusivity, and diversity in the realm of education opportunities.

Building Strong Professional Relationships

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We invite you to fill out the Ofiso Community Foundation Survey and, as a token of our appreciation, receive a 50% discount on your Membership and 50% on your admission ticket at the upcoming MegaMix Expo in the Inland Empire.  Promocode will be send via email after you fill your form.

Private Donations

 The key to creating successful events lies in researching, planning, and executing initiatives that resonate with the target audience, when you donate to our organization we use the funds to create innovated events that effectively educate the small businesses.
We partner with local organizations to develop effective initiatives.
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Our commitment, "empower our small businesses".

Our Mission

"To empower businesses through relationships by fostering effective development of innovative, inclusive, and diverse educational solutions".

Our Vision

To be the premiere local business resource that offer valuable guidance for small businesses.

Educational Workshops are essential

Entrepreneurship is a vital driving force for job creation, economic growth, and innovation.  

Trusted Partnerships

Collaboration elevates businesses by examining case studies, expert opinions, and current market trends.

Empowering Relationships

Relationships foster innovation, promote inclusivity and diversity, and contribute to the overall enhancement of education opportunities in various sectors.

Business Development

Innovative events caters to business growth, exploration of solutions and opportunities within the realm of local resources.

Training and Skill Development

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In today's fast-paced and competitive business environment, fostering local connections and learning opportunities is crucial to the growth and success of small businesses.

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